The American International School of Lesotho takes privacy of information very seriously. Even though we are no within the European Union region, we follow the broad guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We are constantly reviewing our practices, procedures and policies with regards to how data is managed, published, stored, and shared publicly and within the organisation. This is a large and ongoing review.

All parents sign a permission document granting the school permission to use images of their children. This can be reviewed or changed at any point in time. Annually, parents are also asked to check the data that the school has on file for their family. This is to ensure we have current and accurate information.

Class lists, parent phone numbers are limited in how they are shared and generally kept within a class group. Parents are welcome to share further within the community. Email addresses and other forms of identifying data is restricted without express permission of the owner of the data.

Medical information such as vaccination status, covid-19 test results etc are not shared publicly. When cases are identified, no names or information other than a case has been identified is shared with the wider community. Information remains anonymous.