Online Learning Standards

Remember online learning takes a little longer to complete, but the following builds structure into the learning process.

  • Schedule for week – this is a document that outlines the different subject areas. It should include the online meeting times, links for classes and specialist class information. You may wish to schedule 1 x 1:1 with each student in the week so that you can work with them independently of the whole class.

Frequently Asked Questions – Online Learning


The online learning programme is not an exact duplication of what happens in the classroom. Meaning it is not simply the same schedule but online. Each class will develop a suitable schedule that will balance workload, contact time, as well as time for 1:1s if they need it.
Each teacher will develop a schedule, a method of contact as well as a class whatsapp group. Should you have problems connecting, you can try to contact them via other methods or simply when you do manage to get connected again, reach out to the teacher to explain the problem and find out what you missed so that you are not disadvantaged.
If you do not have your own dedicated device to work effectively on, that is ok. Make sure that the teacher is aware of this and it can be built into the class schedule to make sure that video conferences etc are not going to occur at the same time. As for sharing a computer to do research or class work, then that will be a schedule that the family needs to develop.
Teachers will know if they have a student who is not in the same time zone or reasonable time zone as the class activities. Flexibility will be built into the schedule to allow for students to access at a different time or have a 1:1 session with the teacher.
Ideally, on-campus learning is preferred, however if that is not possible, the online programme will cater to the learning experience. As to when we would return to the campus is possibly an unknown. The school in conjunction with the Board, local authorities, and security consultants will decide when the best time would be to return to campus. This information would be shared with the parent community as it is known.
AISL encourages learning independence. However this is age dependent. If you are in grades 3 and above, you should be able to complete the required tasks without parent supervision of the work. But parents may wish to look at options. Teachers are available via email or online if you wish to discuss issues. If your child wishes to work collaboratively with other students online, that is a possible solution.


This will be dependent on the grade and subject area. Teachers will be designing class work that will allow you to complete it and possibly submit online through the chosen platform. It is important that students put in as much effort as they would in an on-campus format.
At this stage, MAP testing has been suspended until we know we can complete it effectively and can easily administer the test.
Trimester 3 (June 2020) was the first report card to have a modified comment on it to state that work was completed during COVID-19 lockdown. Reports will be reviewed each trimester to make sure that they share appropriate and useful information.
If students complete the required work to the standard that set out in the standards for that subject area, there is no reason they cannot progress to the next grade level. However students who have limited interactions, do not hand in work or to a standard that is suitable, run the risk of being retained to repeat the grade level.
The vast majority of CORE standards can be met through an online learning programme. However some specific standards may not be able to be met. This will be identified on the report card.
No. The school has developed a baseline standard set of expectations as to what an online learning programme will look like, but individual classes could look different.
The first point of contact is your teacher. Do not hesitate to point out that you are struggling. Online learning for an extended period of time can be difficult and the school wants to support you, but we need to be aware.