Tuition Schedule for 2022 Academic year

Sibling Discount

Starting this year, for each additional full fee paying child in the same family, a discount will be applied to the tuition based on the following table.

Additional Fees

  1. Preschool (three year olds) and Pre-K (four year olds) students who are new to the school pay only the application fee.
  2. Returning Pre-K students rising to Kindergarten must also pay the capital fee.
  3. Students new to the school and entering grades K-8 must pay the application fee and capital fee upon acceptance and prior to enrolment.
  4. Application fee (One Time Fee, Non-refundable): $216.00 USD (3,000 maloti)
  5. Capital Fee (One Time Fee): $3,630.00 USD (58,000 maloti)
  6. Transportation fee per annum
    • $2,000.00 USD Both Ways, (32,000 maloti)

    • $1,000.00 USD One Way.
      (16,000 maloti)

Please note that the bus only operates within a limited area within Maseru. The school bus is an optional extra for parents.

Families wishing to make a payment plan should speak directly with the business office and agree upon a schedule prior to making any payments. Please note that for all payment plans the final instalment must be made no later than the end of May 2022. The first payment needs to be made within one month of enrolment.

Late payments procedure:

  1. Call reminder
  2. Official letter stating arrears and reminder of agreed payment plan.
  3. If the school feels there is risk of non-payment by end of May, the school may use means to collect tuition.